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They say pizza sauce runs through our veins, but you merely adopted the marinara. We were born into it. Molded by it. Also, we’re here to give back to the community.


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UFC Fundraiser Challenge

About This Campaign

As an organization we are looking to give back to the community and help fight hunger. Food Gatherers provides more than 6 Million Pounds of Food to the community annually and is partnered with 170 agencies and programs serving food-insecure people in Washtenaw County.

Along with giving our time on May 16th, we have the opportunity to help by giving funds. Every $5 you give allows food gatherers to provide 15 meals! Thank you for the support.
  1. Candice Huguelet
    Candice Huguelet gave a $50 donation
    In memory of my Mom, Juliet Wiles.
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