Help Food Gatherers Meet the Need

Help Food Gatherers Meet the Need

About This Campaign

During the coronavirus – as with other emergencies – Food Gatherers will continue its operations and distribute food to people in the communities we serve. Our services may be expanded and/or modified to best address our community’s needs as the public health situation develops, but we will continue providing food. We are working closely with local school districts to address the needs of students who no longer have access to school meals and to develop alternative delivery models to ensure children are being fed. In everything we do, Food Gatherers is following infection control practices and CDC guidelines to avoid service contamination.

Food Gatherers will continuously assess the emergency food needs in our community. In this unprecedented situation, financial donations provide Food Gatherers the most flexibility to best respond to these emerging needs. Click DONATE to make a donation now  or call 734-761-2796.

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Mission: Food Gatherers exists to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community.