Food Gatherers Family PORCH-rait Project

Food Gatherers Family PORCH-rait Project

About This Campaign

During the Months of May and June, Ann Arbor photographer Scott Stewart is taking PORCH-rait sessions with Ann Arbor residents who would like to make a donation to Food Gatherers during this unprecedented time.

Donations can be made on this page. The minimum suggested donation is $100.

Scott's goal is to raise $5,000-$10,000 for Food Gatherers. Each dollar donated can provide the equivalent of 3 meals and our goal would raise 15,000-30,000 meals!

PORCH-raits will be taken from 10-15 feet away. Participants will receive one high-resolution photo file for reproduction and a selection of low-resolution files to download for their digital devices.

To schedule your family PORCH-rait, please email Scott at with your phone number. See more of Scott's photos at

Follow Scott on social media to see samples from the PORCH-raits series!


Food Gatherers

Campaign to Support Food Gatherers

Our Mission: Food Gatherers exists to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community by: reducing food waste through the rescue and distribution of perishable and nonperishable food; coordinating with other hunger relief providers; educating the public about hunger; and developing new food resources.